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Emily Tilsy, Youth Director

Emily grew up in Franklin Grove, IL. She has two older sisters: Julie, who lives in Tennessee with her husband Kevin and their son Duncan; and Kelly, who lives near her parents and the family farm, with her husband Adam and their daughters Kate and Elsie.

Emily graduated from Judson University in 2007 with a Bachelor degree in Worship Arts with a Media focus. During college, she spent a semester overseas in Austria and visited five other countries. 

Emily loves fishing on Lake in the Woods in Ontario, Canada, as well as photography and playing guitar. She collects National Geographic magazines and hourglasses. She likes sunflowers, bubbles, red tailed hawks, and rain. Her favorite outdoor activity is bike riding.

She enjoys beef, sweet corn, zucchini, cranberry sauce, and cream soda. Banana Laffy Taffy and Peanut butter m&ms are her weaknesses.

She took part in Blackhawk Baptist camp as a camper for 15 years and as a counselor at 4 camps during that time. This summer was her second year at JOY Camp as a counselor for senior high school girls, and as a musician. She attended Chrysalis Flight 19 in the Winter of 2002 and has been a Lay Director for Chrysalis. She now participates in the Women's Walk to Emmaus.

Emily has had the privilege of being on two mission trips in high school. One was to Crossville, TN, and the other was to Northfolk, WV. As a youth leader, she has been on two trips with Youthworks and 4 with Group, traveling to Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Illinois. 

Emily is excited to be at Crossroads and getting to know everyone. You can reach her via email

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