Crossroads of Faith United Methodist Church

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We're delighted that you are visiting us online! Come join the congregation of Crossroads of Faith and our talented praise band in a caring community and uplifting worship. Our contemporary worship services are a wonderful blend of spiritual tradition, raising prayers of joys and concerns, preaching the gospel, and live contemporary Christian music. Read more about us here.


Come join us this Sunday! We are looking forward to seeing you.


Our service is held  on Sundays at 9:45 am at Lukancic Middle School, 725 Normandtown Road, Romeoville. 

The school lot can be accessed off of Normantown from 2 different driveway entrances.

Follow the road  to the back of the building and enter through Door #16

 Get directions here. Youth and adult activities are also available Sunday evenings. Check our online calendar for info.




Haven't been to church in a while? or ever? You are welcome to come (back) any time... no questions asked.

If God has been calling to you or if you are looking for strength or direction in your life, searching for meaning or purpose, for healing, acceptance, reconciliation, or redemption, please check us out. Read about all the opportunities we have here. 
We would also like to know, how may we pray for you? Please send us your prayer concerns and celebrations.

An adult-staffed nursery is offered during the 9:45 am service. Sunday School is not offered through the summer.


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