Crossroads of Faith UMC

Mission Trip 2018

This summer's mission trip is to Denver, CO.  The dates are July 14-21, 2018.

Service weeks partner us with local organizations already serving the community in different ways. Children’s programs, sports, food pantry, clothing, job training, elderly, and homeless to name a few types. The students are encouraged to build relationships, learn about local culture, history, and future hopes and it all leaves a lasting impression on those who attend by being served by those we are called to serve.

Spots are still available!!

**We are accepting deposits of $100 to reserve your spot! **

 Questions? Call or email Emily. 


Below are the t-shirt designs for each of the previous Mission trips:

First Row

Below are the t-shirt designs for previous Mission trips.

(Hover over the picture to find out where they went)

Our Youth working hard during their mission trips.

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