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Why we love Crossroads of Faith!



To be a church...

...there’s something more to it.  Something extremely powerful.  A church is a body of people who are there for each other even when the rest of the world pulls away.  A church is a body of people that you can count on for anything and you know that they will ALWAYS do everything they can for you.

The pastor at my church spoke today about a feeling of comfort you get at a church.  Where you walk in the door and when people ask you how you are, you tell them you’re fine! But after you’re past the polite conversation with someone, that’s when the true feeling comes out.  He also told us that John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, used to ask people “How is it with your soul?”

To me, only after asking that question could someone figure out how you really are.  My dad was right, “at a time like this, church is the right place to be.”  I felt that it was okay to go to church and cry.  Everybody was there. They cared. I now understand what it means to be a church. 

It means that no matter if you worship in a tent with a hilarious pastor who preaches without shoes and with a band that plays songs so up-beat they often times make good running music, a church is a solid foundation in the life of a person.  It’s a body of people that one can always count on.  A constant in the sea of variables.  The only thing that won’t change when the rest of the world does.

And with that, I’d like to say thanks, because life’s not a smooth ride.  It’s going to have its ups and downs, I understand that.  But it’s great to know that I have such a huge group of people who really care and who are always going to make the ride a bit smoother (:   I’m proud, and also very lucky, to be a member of my church <3

-A youth of Crossroads of Faith



 My granddaughter and I came to Crossroads Of Faith in 2005 to see a short play being done at the 10:30 service. After the service, I asked my then 8 year old granddaughter what she thought of the church and all the people we met. Her reply to me was, "can we come back next week?" When an 8 year old wants to come back to a church, you say yes and keep coming back. We live 35 MILES from this church, but after almost 5 years of the love, caring, faith and greatness of our church family we would not even think of going to any other church.

All it took for us was one visit. When we bring other children with us, they always ask if they can come with us again. We are going to rename my car (now a Ford Focus) to Wheels to Crossroads of Faith Church. We start in Oak Forest, IL, do our first pick up in Tinley Park, and we'll add stops on the way. Guess we'll have to get a van later.

Just TRY us you will like us!!!!!!
-Jerry and Shelby

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