Crossroads of Faith United Methodist Church

Following a gererous gift of land, our church was born in 1999.  It began as a Bible Study in a farmhouse but before long the members were eagerto begin Sunday Worship services.  Initial services began on March 18, 2001 and were held at a local school.  After several years of worshiping offsite, in 2004, the congregation decided to erect a tent on the land as a worship pavilion.  Crossroads of Faith became a chartered congregtion on June 12, 2005.  For seventeen years the tent stood, far out living its life expectancy. In those years, the members became a beautiful family and the tent saw meetings, shared meals and many social gatherings, including variety shows, square dancing and even a game show, to name a few.  Most importantly, the tent was a humble place to call home; where we praised our God endlessly. Alas, time had taken its toll and in February 2021, our beloved church home fell over night under the weight of heavy snow.  Many of us consider ourselves blessed to have worshiped within those canvas walls.  We are forever grateful for the many, many great memories.  

Since the falling of the tent, Crossroads has once again moved to a few different worship locations.  We started again at a local school and then found ourselves worshiping at the Holiday Inn in Bolingbrook, during the pandemic.  Since then, God has brought us back to our land.  During the warmer months we enjoy worshiping in God's outside sanctuary and when we need shelter, we move into the "barn", which has been transformed into a worship area. 

Throughout the those early years, it was always the goal to build a permanent church structure on the land.  It sounds so simple but it seems that with every turn we hit a obstacle.  It has not hindered us though!  We continue to strive to build a warm, safe and inviting home where everyone is welcome to come and grow in their faith and understanding of Jesus. Our core values include love and faith and our mission is to "Invite, Equip and Send people to be disciples of Christ'.

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