Crossroads of Faith United Methodist Church

 Crossroads of Faith UMC Teams

Ever wonder what our teams do? Here's the basics of what you want to know... 

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Finance Team

The Finance Team is responsible for setting our church's annual budget based on submissions from the other teams. They are responsible for promoting stewardship to the congregation so that we can meet budgetary needs and plan for the future.



Staff-Parish Relations Team

The Staff-Parish Relations Team is like the "HR" team of the church. They act as a liaison between the pastor, additional staff, and congregation, among other things.




Trustees Team

The trustees team is responsible for the buildings and grounds of the church, including updates and maintenance to our current facilities, and planning for our future with hope. This is accomplished through hard work by a few of the members and using resources to achieve tasks at minimal costs.  



Worship Team 

The purpose of the Worship Team is to work with our Pastor to provide meaningful, inspirational, and memorable worship celebrations in order to bring those in attendance closer to each other and to Jesus throughout the week. This is accomplished through praise music, PowerPoint, skits, and services provided by ushers and readers.



Lay Leadership Team 

The Lay Leadership Team works to discover the gifts and interests of people and recruit people for leadership roles. They also develop job descriptions and the leadership manual for those nominated for leadership positions.



Family Ministries Team

The Family Ministries Team is responsible for arranging fun social and recreational events for our church and its families. They plan very fun events! :-)




Christian Education Team 

The Christian Education Team might be better titled as the Christian Enrichment Team. It's not about teaching; it's about growth. It's not about kids; it's about everyone. We look not only at where we are today; but envision the future of Crossroads of Faith and where the CE Team can help bring that vision to reality. It's not just for now; it's for life.


 Crossroads Care Team  

This team is structured to encompass the former Membership Care Team, Missions Team, and Evangelism Team. This team is responsible for communication with the membership of the church in a variety of ways and at different times of need.

A group of volunteers, known as the Brothers' Keepers, are available to provide various services for congregants, at the Pastor's discretion. They also send cards to those who have suffered a loss, are ill, or homebound, as well as in celebration of a birthday. A prayer chain is available for anyone with a need for prayer whether with a concern or a praise.

This team makes opportunities available for mission work through a variety of ways including our Rainbow Covenant Giving, UMCOR, Bolingbrook's Power Connection food pantry, Feed My Starving Children, and many other missions.

This Team focuses on the "invite" part of our mission statement, by means of the website, our street sign on the church's lawn, and welcoming visitors with a loaf of homemade bread and special parking. We also encourage the congregation to participate in "elbow evangelism" to invite friends, family and co-workers. 


Horizon Team 

The Horizon Team is the governing body of our church. They function as a meeting of Ministry Team Leaders. They envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the mission and ministry of the church.  


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