Crossroads of Faith United Methodist Church

 Thanksgiving potluck dinner

We once again have the opportunity to offer our appreciation to God for all with which he has blessed us during this past year.  This allows each of us individually and all of us collectively to celebrate Thanksgiving together as a church family.  So, keeping in the Crossroads tradition, we will have our annual Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday, 11/24/13.  

Please join us! We hope everyone can attend to enjoy both the fellowship of Thanksgiving and a delicious meal together as a family!

Turkeys will be provided. Please sign up to let us know how many will attend and let us know what delicious side dish you can bring to share. We hope to see everyone gathered together to celebrate the multitude of blessings we have each received this past year and to enjoy the feast and each others' company.

Name: ___________________________________

Total # in your family who are attending: ___________

Phone: ___________________________________

Email: ___________________________________

Dish you would like to bring to share (please check your selection):

Veggie ____   

Salad _____ 

Potato/rice/stuffing _____  

Dessert _____

Note: You will be contacted to confirm your dish for the meal so we have a nice variety. 


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