Crossroads of Faith United Methodist Church

Crossroads Runners

Saturdays 8:00 am

Whether you're a walker, just starting out to hit that first mile, or training for a 5k or more, join us at church for some fresh air. We'll meet and head out to conquer the route. We also appreciate cheerleaders to give high-fives and root us on!

See you there!

Upcoming races: 

 Parkie's 5k. We're going to celebrate Summer's Last Blast at the Parkie's 5k on Saturday, August 23, 2014. Strap on your running or walking shoes and join us. Or cheer us on. Or give us high fives. Or hold signs of encouragement. Or throw water balloons at us. Or blow a vuvuzela. If you want registration info, click here. We'll also be using this event to fulfill our Rainbow Covenant giving.

Afterwards, come back to the tent for a celebratory pancake breakfast! Free will donations will go towards various bands of the Rainbow Covenant.

Check back for more opportunities to be part of Team Crossroads Runners.


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Don't want to run? Then walk. Check out this video.


We have lots of fun at our races. Come run with us! 

These training plans are samples. Please check with your doctor to answer any health questions you may have before undergoing a training program.  

8-week training plan for a 10k (6.2 miles), from walkers to advanced runners 

10k 8-WkTraining Sched Walk.pdf 10k 8-WkTraining Sched Walk.pdf
Size : 289.751 Kb
Type : pdf
10k 8-Wk Training Sched Intermediate.pdf 10k 8-Wk Training Sched Intermediate.pdf
Size : 288.141 Kb
Type : pdf
10k 8-Wk Training Sched Beginner.pdf 10k 8-Wk Training Sched Beginner.pdf
Size : 288.109 Kb
Type : pdf
10k 8-WkTraining Sched Advanced.pdf 10k 8-WkTraining Sched Advanced.pdf
Size : 288.56 Kb
Type : pdf

12-week training plan for a half-marathon (13.1 miles) 

12-Wk Half Marathon Training Plan.pdf 12-Wk Half Marathon Training Plan.pdf
Size : 191.896 Kb
Type : pdf

What to wear to run today

(in degrees)

above 70Lightweight/light-colored singlet and shorts
60 to 69Tank top or singlet and shorts
50 to 59T-shirt and shorts
40 to 49Long-sleeve shirt and tights or shorts
30 to 39Long-sleeve shirt and tights
20 to 29Two upper-body layers and one lower-body layer
10 to 19Two upper-body layers and one lower-body layer
0 to 9Two/three upper-body layers, one/two lower-body layers
below 0

Three upper-body layers, two lower-body layer

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